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Lipscomb University

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The Educational Leadership program at Lipscomb University is aligned to the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS) and the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL) and includes an explicit focus on character development for educational leaders, business acumen, and conflict management. The Educational Leadership Department collaborates with the College of Business and the Institute for Conflict Management to share content and courses to familiarize aspiring leaders with critical business and conflict management skills. Candidates participate in a competency-based curriculum and engage in authentic learning activities with a school-based mentor and through a job-embedded internship. The mentorship includes scheduled sessions where candidates are coached on topics related to the course content and job shadowing days throughout the program. There are three programmatic paths within the Educational Leadership program, which all lead to the administrative license, including the M.Ed., Ed.S. and Administrative Licensure Programs (ALP). The M.Ed. is a 33-credit-hour program and the Ed.S. is 36 credit hours, while the ALP is 21 credit hours and leads to a certificate in Educational Leadership. Successful completion of all coursework, satisfaction of field experience requirements, and a passing score on the Praxis School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) are required for graduation.

Provider Type

  • Private

Leaders in 3-Year Cohort: 185

Cohort Members per Year

N-Size: 185

What is this metric?

This metric indicates the number of cohort members the provider had in each of the three years represented in the Report Card.

Completers by Race

What is this metric?

This metric shows the racial and ethnic composition of the three-year cohort.

Praxis Leader Licensure Pass Rate

N-Size: 182

What is this metric?

This metric reports the percentage of cohort members who passed the Praxis School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) within two attempts.