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Middle Tennessee State University

Leader Preparation

The Leadership Program at MTSU has been very successful for nearly two decades. The MTSU program has developed from a basic set of required administration courses in the early years to a very strict focused/clearly defined curriculum meeting local needs and has received full approval by the State Board of Education. Our curriculum meets and exceeds the revised Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards. The MTSU program is presented off campus and on-site in more than 12 Middle Tennessee School Districts on request. Utilizing MTSU Department of Educational Leadership faculty and assistance by faculty from many of the school districts provides students exposure to educational expertise and theory with a dose of practical knowledge in many of their school systems. MTSU Faculty provide research, guidance and assistance in meeting university requirements and the additional input from local administrators in roles as adjunct faculty and guest presenters create an environment for an exemplary educational experience.

A key to creating a very successful program is the delivery format that MTSU has used for two decades. The program is offered only in a Graduate Peer Cohort format. After students meet all the MTSU Graduate School admission requirements, then they are able to apply and must meet requirements to be admitted to the leadership ILL program. The ILL Program is embedded in both the M.Ed. and Ed.S. Administration and Supervision Degree Paths.

Graduating students must complete a research project that is a pragmatic and usable part of a three-part Practicum program that is embedded in the curriculum and is completed with a Capstone Presentation highlighting the success and future utility of the project for their school and system. Guidance by MTSU Faculty and key assistance of local educator mentors has created many useful and long-lived projects enhancing local schools and their students.

Leaders in 2016-17 Cohort


Enrollment by ethnicity

American Indian or Alaska Native 0.0%
Asian 0.0%
Black 3.8%
Hispanic 0.0%
Multiracial 0.0%
Pacific Islander 0.0%
White 96.2%