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University of Tennessee - Knoxville

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The University of Tennessee-Knoxville operates two pathways within the Principal Preparation Program: VOLS Lead (Volunteer Online Leadership Studies) and the Leadership Academy (an intensive in-person residency program). These pathways prepare aspiring principals for the rigors of instructional leadership in the modern educational context and offer a Master's of Science and a Specialist in Education degree. VOLS Lead also offers a Certificate in Educational Administration. All degrees provide the option of obtaining a Tennessee Instructional Leadership License. The Principal Preparation Program is designed to enrich knowledge, skills, and values requisite to effective leadership, teaching, and research in educational settings. The program places a great deal of emphasis on field experiences coordinated directly with student coursework. These field experiences come through the students undertaking standards-aligned school leadership tasks with the support of mentors in the school and in the school district. Ultimately, the Principal Preparation Program is aimed at ensuring Tennessee school districts have abundant access to high quality, effective instructional leaders capable of enabling high levels of learning for all students.

Provider Type

  • Public

Leaders in 3-Year Cohort: 59

Cohort Members per Year

N-Size: 59

What is this metric?

This metric indicates the number of cohort members the provider had in each of the three years represented in the Report Card.

Completers by Race

What is this metric?

This metric shows the racial and ethnic composition of the three-year cohort.

Praxis Leader Licensure Pass Rate

N-Size: 53

What is this metric?

This metric reports the percentage of cohort members who passed the Praxis School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA) within two attempts.