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State of Tennessee

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Candidate Profile

The Candidate Profile domain shows how educator preparation providers across the state are doing at recruiting strong, diverse cohorts of candidates and preparing them to teach in the content areas of greatest need.

Teachers in 3-Year Cohort: 9,899

Completers Over Time

What is this metric?

This metric indicates the number of cohort members this provider had in each of the three years included in this report card.

Cohort Members by Race

What does this mean?

This metric shows the racial and ethnic composition of the three-year cohort.

Why is this important?

Research indicates that a racially and ethnically diverse teaching force can have a variety of positive impacts on students.


Percentage of Cohort with Qualifying Assessment Scores

What is this metric?

This metric reports the percentage of undergraduate cohort members with qualifying assessment scores on the ACT, SAT, or all three components of the Praxis: CORE. This metric is not reported for providers that have only post-baccalaureate candidates.

This metric is unscored

Percentage of Racially Diverse Completers

What is this metric?

This metric reports the percentage of cohort members who reported having a racially or ethnically diverse background.

Percentage of High-Demand Endorsements

What is this metric?

This measure reports the percentage of all endorsements issued in the areas of English as a Second Langauge, Secondary Math, Secondary Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Spanish, and Special Education (Modified, Comprehensive, and Interventionist).