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King University

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Founded in 1867, King University (originally King College) is a Presbyterian-affiliated Christian academic community dedicated to the integration of rigorous academic programming and the exploration of faith. The School of Education has initial licensure programs at the undergraduate and at the graduate level which also serves embedded teachers in Tennessee. Our program models nine professional dispositions which underpin all our courses: Integrity, Responsibility, Self-Efficacy, Open-Mindedness, Reflexivity, Collaboration, Flexibility, Caring, and Social Justice. To support candidates in required licensure tests, the School of Education sets up online and in-person opportunities to practice and review. Field experiences in classrooms and in the Boys and Girls Clubs enable candidates to solidify their teaching goals. Faculty advisors work with candidates to plan for coursework and required assessments. For job placement, mock interviews help candidates feel more confident. Operating on the belief that teaching is a sacred calling, the School of Education values individuals who, upon completion of the program, will serve in the classroom with their unique gifts and talents. The School of Education applauds the work of our graduates who make a difference with the students in their classrooms every day and celebrates our graduates who become Teachers of the Year.

Provider Type

  • Private

Program Types Offered

  • Baccalaureate

  • Post-Baccalaureate

Academic Endorsement Areas Offered

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Elementary Education

  • English

  • English as a Second Language

  • General Music/Instrumental

  • General Music/Vocal

  • History

  • Mathematics

  • Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Spanish

  • Special Education - Interventionist

Teacher Placement Across Tennessee

The map below shows where this provider's cohort members are employed in Tennessee. Click here for more details.

Teachers in 3-Year Cohort: 83

Cohort Members per Year

N-Size: 83

What is this metric?

This metric indicates the number of cohort members in each of the three years included in this report card.

Clinical Practice Type

What is this metric?

This metric reports the breakdown of cohort members based on the type of clinical practice they completed during their program.

Candidates In-State

N-Size: 83

What is this metric?

This metric indicates the percentage of cohort members who report Tennessee as their state of residence.

Foundational Literacy Standards Review

Meets Expectations

What is this metric?

The Tennessee Department of Education reviews each educator preparation provider’s implementation of instruction aligned with Tennessee’s foundational literacy skills standards. This metric reports the results of that review.