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Nashville Teacher Residency

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Nashville Teacher Residency (NTR) is a state-approved Educator Preparation Provider that trains diverse cohorts of teacher residents who work full-time in Partner Schools, paired with exceptional Mentor Teachers, while taking classes from NTR at night. NTR Residents are placed in Metro Nashville Public Schools, Clarksville Montgomery County School System, and Nashville charter schools. Residents provide in-class assistance and small group instruction and transition to formal student-teaching gradually during their residency year. Residents spend a minimum of three hours a day with their mentor teacher. Outside of these three hours, residents work in a variety of ways to help students, including Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI) and pull-out support.

At the end of the school year, residents are endorsed for licensure in Middle School or Secondary English or Math. NTR has a deferred, low-cost tuition ($5,000) so that candidates from all backgrounds can afford to become a teacher. NTR has also partnered with Lipscomb University and Austin Peay to offer discounted Masters degrees to residents with credit for the coursework taken during their year in NTR. NTR residents who choose to continue study at Lipscomb will be Enlish Language Learner (ELL) endorsed at the start of their first year of teaching.

Preparing diverse cohorts of teachers, representative of the students they teach, is an essential part of our mission. Through NTR's first four cohorts, over 2/3 of our Residents have been Residents of Color. Furthermore, our teacher education curriculum strives to prepare all of our Residents to be actively anti-racist in their teaching, celebrating the diversity of their students and working to undo the systemic forces that have created inequitable education.

Provider Type

  • Alternative

Program Levels Offered

  • Post-Baccalaureate

Endorsement Areas Offered

  • English

  • Mathematics

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Teachers in 3-Year Cohort: 20

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